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Communications, Drama and Film

Our research

Our department brings together researchers working across a variety of media and engaged in conversation across our three subject areas of theatre, film and television studies, and communications.

Together and separately, we consider the wide range of ways in which humans communicate, interact with and represent the wider world, through dialogue, imitation, movement, light, photography, social media, games and all forms of storytelling. We pay attention to imaginary worlds and to the significance of creative exchanges, including the ways in which we imagine both past and future.

We have cross-disciplinary strengths in gender studies, historiography and archival work, community and applied work, environmental humanities, and intermedia. Each subject area also has its unique areas of expertise, whether in performer training and voice (Drama), European film and archival work (Film) or gaming and social media (Communications). You will find information on our research on each of the subject area research pages. 

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Professor Cathy Turner

Director of Research and Impact, Department of Communications, Drama and Film

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