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Communications, Drama and Film

About us

Our degree programmes in Communications and Media will introduce you to the historical development of communication technologies and help you think critically about how they have become increasingly central to everyday life in the 21st century.  

You will learn about media ownership and the production of media texts – including newspapers and magazines, radio and podcasts, advertising, video games, and a wide variety of social media content – and you’ll think critically about the different ways that these products have the power to change lives and shape opinion.  

You’ll be encouraged to reflect critically upon your own use of social media and how it’s central to the creation of identities, and you’ll learn about how digital technologies both contribute to the climate crisis and offer opportunities for a better world. You will also hone practical skills in content creation while exploring different methods of approaching the study of communications, from the empirical social sciences and the arts and humanities.  

You will be taught by experts who publish in a wide range of research fields, including critical media studies, celebrity studies, media anthropology, data and infrastructure studies, internet studies, migration studies, cultural policy, video game studies, gender and sexuality studies, cultural sociology, and much more. 

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Professor Neil Ewen

Associate Professor and subject lead in Communications